Green power line

Skyfitness has developed a line of outdoor fitness equipment with an important evolutionary step: the tools of the new "Green-Power" line allow targeted adjustment of the effort given by the fitness machine thanks to a system pressure which acts as intensity selector.

Furthermore, the effort occurs only in the "active movement" phase, with automatic return instead in the initial position, in order to allow the maximization of the training result and a comfortable aid for beginners.

There are 8 machines in the Green-Power line and they are all designed and developed to allow the execution of exercises on the main and secondary muscle groups, so as to be able to reach every training target .

Adjustable effort intensity

From 10 to 100 Kg

Simplified adjustment

6-level intensity selector

Maximum safety of use

Protected mechanisms, constrained movements and Qrcode for video tutorials guarantee maximum safety for the user.

Guaranteed for outdoor

Maximum resistance to all weather conditions, even in the mountains and at the sea

1- Bench Press Machine

Chest - Shoulders - Triceps

Isotonic exercise on bench press


2- Arms Machine

Shoulders - Triceps

Isotonic push down exercise


3- Curl Machine


Isotonic exercise closing the arms towards you


4 - Shoulder Machine

Shoulders - Triceps

Isotonic push-up exercise


5 - Vertical Traction

Back - Biceps - Shoulders

Isotonic traction downward exercise


6- Rower Machine

Back - Biceps - Legs

Continuous rowing cardio-vascular exercise


7- Free Squat Machine

Legs - Abdomen

Isotonic exercise of pushing the legs from a standing position


8- Leg Press Machine

Buttocks - Biceps - Femoral

Isotonic exercise of pushing the legs from a sitting position

Types of flooring


The flooring in the areas surrounding the Skyfitness® equipments is mandatory in the case of Circuits, Inclusive Circuits and Kids Structures. In addition to ensuring a flat surface on which to train, the types of flooring that Skyfitness® combines with its products are designed to achieve the highest level of visual integration with the surrounding landscape and to ensure the use of machinery in total safety.

Certified Anti-trauma Flooring

Gomma Colata

Cast Rubber



Quadrotti Antitrauma

Anti-trauma Squares





Other Types of Flooring



Erba Sintetica

Synthetic grass

Piastre gomma granulare