Fitness Equipment

Guaranteed machines for exposure 365 days a year outside even on the beach or mountains.

Calisthenics and rigs

Structures for free body and outdoor functional training

Recommended Products

Fitness equipment suitable for everyone and for each desired target

"Green-Power": Fitness machines with strength regulation

Skyfitness has developed a line of outdoor fitness gear with an important evolutionary step: the tools of the new "Green-Power" line allow a targeted adjustment of the stress made by the fitness machine thanks to a pressure system that acts as an intensity selector.

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Skyfitness, Outdoor Fitness for All


Outdoor fitness for all


Activities suitable for FAMILIES: parents and children can do activities together

Enhancement of green areas

Enhancement of green areas, beaches or areas not frequented or used


Socializing power: many tools are double

People with disabilities and Children

Machines for people with disabilities and children from 6 to 12 years

Fitness in full safety

From 6 to 80 years

Suitable machines from 6 to 80 years

Constrained movements

Constrained movements: each machine has been designed to guide the user in the correct movement


Each tool has instructions and illustrations showing their correct use

All the Benefits ofOutdoor Activity


Greater production of endorphins therefore a positive association between place and moment


Alternative to the indoor gym, our outdoor gyms are appreciated by camping guests who prefer outdoor activities

Eco friendly and easy to maintain

It does not require electricity

No expense to set up ventilation, electricity and security systems

Always outdoor

The machines can always be outdoors: even on the beach!

Very low maintenance

Greasing of parts once a year

Guaranteed assistance

Skyfitness is always available to our customers

Skyfitness is on Mepa: public administrations can easily buy their area through the Electronic Market of the Public Administration