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Skyfitness is a company founded in Italy with the aim of becoming a leader in outdoor fitness areas. Our goal is to develop in the rest of Europe, thanks to contacts and commercial networks already in place, in the fields of sports equipment and clothing.
What has inspired our company members to join in this ambitious project is the common passion and experience in the field of fitness and competitive sports, which merged into a shared vision of expansion of human well-being through exercise in the open air, and the willing to create areas devoted to this purpose.

One of the strengths of Skyfitness is our corporate structure. Through the various experience of our company members we can boast a complete functionality of the system, from A to Z, and we can count on an already tested commercial network spread in Italy and in most of Europe.

This is why Skyfitness proposes an outdoor fitness area project that manages to embody the current global tendency to spend as much time as possible in open-air areas, without having to renounce the progress that sports science has come to today. All this is studied by our staff based on the specific needs of the client and the characteristics of their territory, designed with the utmost care, and finally made in the architect's rendering to be presented for our customers evaluation and approval.

Nothing is left to chance and we devote extreme attention to the customer’s needs, as each project is modeled around their thoughts: "customer first”.

Each component of the project contains in itself an individual experience that each member, in the respective field, has lived and decided to add for a single common goal: Skyfitness.

Skyfitness Philosophy

Driven by an increasingly strong global consciousness and as a consequence of the many hours in which all of us are in closed places such as offices and apartments, Skyfitness philosophy advances with great impetus to give back to people what they most want: a complete workout, comfortable and functional outdoors, where nothing is in between man and nature.
All this is studied by our team based on the specific needs of the customer and the characteristics of his territory, designed with the utmost care and presented for our customers evaluation and approval.
Skyfitness proposes outdoor fitness areas that are able to encompass the current global tendency to spend as much time as possible in open-air areas: Skyfitness is an outdoor workout; in the middle of nature or above buildings roofs overlooking the city; Skyfitness ideal for camping, tourist villages, and public parks.

Why Skyfitness

Skyfitness allows anyone to progressively train up to the level of effort they desire, thanks to specially designed exercise equipment. All Skyfitness tools are designed to be used by anyone who wants to spend more time outdoors, while having the opportunity to take care of their psychological and physical well-being. The user can be a person who wants to have fun and stay fit, an athlete willing to train, an older person looking for a complete and fun outdoor activity, and even a disabled person, as different stations are also designed for their use.

From today onwards, thanks to the Skyfitness areas, working outdoor doesn’t simply mean running or cycling anymore: there are no limits to fitness and every single muscle of your body can be trained to maximum intensity in a relaxing environment and in mind-body harmony.
Skyfitness machines use a stress system modulated in three alternatives: in some machines the stress is parameterized to the force that the user gives to the machine (through a modular resistance to compressed air); in others the body weight itself constitutes the counterweight of the effort thanks to a precise ergonomic movement; moreover, for some machines, the movements are performed in a free body, all in full "functional" philosophy.


Activity for everyone:

- Activities suitable for FAMILIES: parents and children can do activities together;
- Skyfitness integrates perfectly the playground of the little ones and it makes even more pleasant the moment when parents are out with their children,
- In harmony with the outdoor philosophy;
- Enhancement of green areas, beaches or areas not frequented or used;
- Socializing power: many tools are double;
- Machines for people with disabilities
- Machines for children from 6 to 12 years

Fitness in full Safety

- Suitable machines from 6 to 80 years;
- Constrained movements: each machine has been designed to guide the user in the correct movement;
- The machines do not use weights but use the user's body weight: maximum safety for joints and musculature;
- Each tool has instructions and illustrations showing their correct use

Outdoors Activity

- Greater production of endorphins therefore a positive association between place and moment;
- Alternative to the indoor gym, our outdoor gyms are appreciated by camping guests who prefer outdoor activities.

Perfect for Campsites and Accommodation

- According the outdoor philosophy of camping guests;
- Internal service of the structure: guests can train without leaving the campsite;
- They do not need staff because the machine’s use is intuitive and safe;
- POSITIONING WITH platform: can be placed and moved in any surface and placed without requiring any permission;
- Skyfitness is ALWAYS available and on duty for assistance and maintenance of the machines;
- Facilitated leasing for the purchase of Skyfitness machines;
- PAY-BACK CONTRACT RESERVED FOR CAMPSITES: Skyfitness commits to take back your used equipment at a previously-agreed price, to replace them with new one.

Eco Friendly and easy to maintain

- It does not require electricity;
- No expense to set up ventilation, electricity and security systems;
- The machines can always be outdoors: even on the beach!
- Very low maintenance: greasing of parts once a year;
- Guaranteed assistance: Skyfitness is always available to our customers.

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