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Customer Centricity

From the conception of the area, to the installation of the structures, the company is committed to creating the product that best meets the customer's needs.

Training adaptability

Based on the requests, thanks to years of experience in the world of fitness and competitive sport, Skyfitness staff is able to provide the solution that creates the most complete experience regardless of the level of training.

Environment and Safety

The technical department will then take care of adapting the proposal to the spaces and measures provided, creating the project that integrates as much as possible with the surrounding environment and respects safety standards.


Once approved, the customer will be left with the task of choosing the color of the structures and the type of flooring, after which the company will undertake to complete the work within 25/27 days from the order confirmation.


The "Turnkey" service, which Skyfitness offers, also includes the supply and installation of equipment with correct installation release included in the price of the products.
Once the work is finished, in the case of accommodation facilities, Skyfitness collaborators are available to train the staff of the customer structure on the use and operation of the machines, in order to be able to extrapolate the greatest possible value from the product itself.

Customer Satisfaction

The company undertakes to follow the customer by guaranteeing assistance during all the steps of the process of creating the final product, in order to achieve the key objective of the company: customer satisfaction, translatable for us, in speed of operation and efficiency of work processes.

360 ° Warranty

However, the work of Skyfitness does not stop with the complete installation of the area, but offers, included in the price, a Warranty that ensures the replacement of the smallest element when the entire machinery is changed.

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