Outdoor Weight line

Super performing line dedicated to a trained public who wants to strengthen their muscles. Through a system of weights fixed on rails, it is in fact possible to increase the workload.

Best Performance

System of weights fixed on rails

Adjustable effort:

Move the weights on the various points of the rail, to intensify or decrease the effort.

Maximum safety of use

Protected mechanisms

Complete Versatility of use

For every training target

Guaranteed for outdoor


1- Bench Press Machine

Chest - Shoulder - Triceps

To train chest, shoulders and triceps, thanks a thrust movement on a bench press.


2- Incline chest press

Chest - Shoulder - Triceps

To train your muscles pectorals, deltoids of the shoulders and triceps, through a 45° push of the levers.


3- Pectoral Machine


To train your muscles pectoral and deltoid closing the two levers inward.


4 - Pull Down Machine

Back - Triceps - Abdominals

To train your back, triceps and abdominals, pushing the two handles towards the bottom.

shoulder-press (1)

5 - Shoulder Press

Shoulder - Triceps

To train shoulders and triceps, pushing up on the levers.


6- Traction Machine

Back - Biceps - Legs

Train your muscles dorsal, trapezius and biceps muscles, incline your upper body and pull the levers.


7 - Glutei Machine

Glutes - Hamstrings - Calves

To train glutes, hamstrings and calves, thanks an extension of the leg towards the back.

leg-press (1)

8- Legpress

Legs - Abdominals

To train your leg muscles, including glutes, pushing the two pedals in opposition to the body.


9- Free Squat


To train muscles of the legs, thanks the classic “Squat” movement.

Types of flooring


The flooring in the areas surrounding the Skyfitness® equipments is mandatory in the case of Circuits, Inclusive Circuits and Kids Structures. In addition to ensuring a flat surface on which to train, the types of flooring that Skyfitness® combines with its products are designed to achieve the highest level of visual integration with the surrounding landscape and to ensure the use of machinery in total safety.

Certified Anti-trauma Flooring

Gomma Colata

Cast Rubber



Quadrotti Antitrauma

Anti-trauma Squares





Other Types of Flooring



Erba Sintetica

Synthetic grass

Piastre gomma granulare